Jean-Michel Crapanzano is a professional multimedia artist who was born in France and currently resides in the Netherlands. He works as a photographer, filmmaker, drawer, and wall painter. Jean-Michel’s interests are as vast as his skill sets; identity, history, propaganda, and the notion of futurology. 
Speculative design, speculative scenario's, u-chronies and parallel worlds are the basis of his practice. He explores narrative's constructions behind the mask of conformity and all form of powers and he reveals the invisible psychological and political structure of human behavior : what could be the possible evolution of our specie, how doe we see our future?  

Scientific research is a big part of his inspiration and he has exhibited several series combining mixed media in art centres, museums and art galleries. “I truly believe in the social impact and empowerment of art on society; that’s why a big part of my work is socially engaged. I conceive community art projects in which I invite refugees, citizens’ organizations, schools, and research centres to interact. I would characterize the medium of my artistry as inclusive.  It includes a variety of visual arts such as photography and film, along with painting, text and conceptual essence. I put ideas before technique in my art. Aesthetics are paramount, it goes without saying, yet the importance of your work as an artist is measured also by the content and ideas behind the artistic product, the ability to transmit the invisible. For me, Art functions as a connector, as speculative glue that can bring ideas, theories and mostly people closer and the artist has the role of the shaman who conducts the artistic ritual. ” 

Jean-Michel’s next ambitious project is called “Artlab for Futurology: a co-created manifesto for a symbiotic post-humanity”. This project is based on two steps:
1- A graphic novel combined with illustrations, social anticipation's and futurology oriented.
2- An international art project in partnership with several universities and PhD Valia Papoutsaki.
The mean goal is to write the storytelling of possible scenarios of mankind’s evolution, via several cities all over the world, and help citizens to visualize these scenarios by using photography, 3D software, and film. “I believe that this project can help to build a better community spirit through an open works process. I think that citizens should be able to write themselves into the scenario on their own path instead of being lead. I see myself as an urban art explorer, and I invite people and organizations to explore the intricate and complex structures of our possible evolution with me.”  

KUNSTENLAB art center Deventer (NL)

Storytelling futurology 7 / wall drawing - video UFO-urban mythologies
Exhibition "In exelcis"

BRONX RIVER Art Center, New-York

Storytelling futurology 1 / wall drawing -photography
Psychological landscape/ politics.

7th Bieniale of photography Liege Belgium

Storytelling futurology 2 / System of beliefs / Social anticipation.

wall drawing 400 X 300 cm

Mixed media, wall drawing, installation, photography and video.

photographie, serie invisible empire. Lambda print /diasec 120X80cm

wall drawing 300X300cm

BURO BK art center, Vlissingen, 2008

Storytelling 3 / Vanitas Politicus

Grâce à notre expérience, notre sérieux et notre approche orientée résultat, nous avons eu la chance de travailler avec de nombreux clients d'exception.


Storytelling 4 / Scenario's exo-species / Occupy the world / Ex-voto

SIGNE Art center, Heerlen / NL

Storytelling 6 /invisible empire: ghost en remembrances.



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Happy art collector

Always good to establish trustworthy contact with your art collectors.


Made during an art residency at MESSEN art center, Alvik, Norway, 2016-2018

Raid project gallery Los Angeles art residency 2003 

"Performance hollywood boulevard : Invisible empire, narrative's deconstructions.
Post utopian patriotic propaganda "
Photography 50X65 cm on dibond/diasec

Il est toujours plus facile de faire du bon travail lorsque l'on croit en ce que l'on fait. C'est la raison pour laquelle nous nous engageons à aider davantage de personnes, jour après jour.

Biography / CV/ Exhibitions (selection)

1999:  Master Fine Art/ graduated from the art school « Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Décoratifs » in Strasbourg, France
2008:  Bachelor/ Teacher of Fine Art and Design, graduated from the University of Maastricht - The Netherlands

Currently Art teacher at the University of Utrecht-Amersfoort / Hogeschool Utrecht.

Raid project gallery Los Angeles, USA

Bronx River art center New-york, USA

Arlington art center Washington D.C., USA

Armory show art fair New-York, USA

Van abbe museum/Your-Space, Eindhoven, NL

Armory show New-York, USA

Art fair international, Cologne, G

Mondriaan fonds/Kunst-podium-t/Kop art center Breda, NL

7th Bieniale of photography and visual art, Liege, B

Mac 2000 art fair, Paris, FR

Museum of contemporary art le Casino, Luxemburg, L

A.A.F. art fait bruxelles, B

Museum of contemporary art schunck, Heerlen, NL

BuroBK art center, Vlissingen, NL

Signe Art Center, Heerlen, NL

Kappur gallery, Tilburg NL

Sluice Art Fair New-York, USA

Sluice Art Fair London, E

Furthermore gallery Washington DC, USA

Gallery RFD, Swainsboro, USA

Fundament Foundation / De Pont Museum, Tilburg, NL

Huis voor de Kunst, Roermond, NL

Artco gallery, Aachen, G

International Art Fair, Cologne, represented by ArtCo gallery.


Art Residency:

2004 - Los Angeles, Raid project gallery / grant D. R. A. C. Strasbourg / City of Strasbourg.

2010 - Arlington Art Center, Washington D.C.

2016 - 2018 KH Messen art center, Norway


Private and institutional collections FR, NL, U.S.A.